11 September 2015 – This Week In…

Just a short one.  This week in:

RPGs: continuing with Epic 6-1 which has been fun, albeit grindy as epic 4e is wont to be.  Still need to work out what to do about a new system.

Board games: had a great time with One Night Ultimate werewolf.  I normally HATE hidden-role negotiation type games, but the time limit and single-round play make this really enjoyable for some reason.  Need to play a bit more to work out why.  Also tried Suburbia 5* for the first time which worked but I’m not 100% sold on it yet.

Books: Crossfire by Nancy Kress continues, and continues to be good with the exception of probably the single worst ‘as you know’ speech I’ve ever come across, literally preceded by the (really out of character for the speaker) statement “I know you know this already, but I’m going to tell you anyway.”  Super fail.

Making: I made a Dobos Torte for the office cake rota which went down well and was pretty fun to do.  I don’t often do sugar work, and I’d like to do it more, so it was an interesting challenge.

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