14 November – This Week In…

RPGs: continued with Lost Mine of Phandelver.  5e continues to precisely meet my expectations, which are that it will be a mediocre system that doesn’t actually help to tell interesting stories, but that it will be enjoyable enough to finish the mod.  I won’t go back to it, though; I could stand to cut something out of my rather busy hobby life anyway.

Board games: tried out Fury of Dracula, as Dracula, which I enjoyed a lot, though I found it very difficult.  The starter game advises removing most of Dracula’s powers, but leaves the Hunters at more-or-less full strength, which made it really quite tough to play the game effectively.  Plus I didn’t really get a couple of the mechanics properly.  I’m looking forward to playing it again though.

TV: Doctor Who continues to be mostly meh as hell this season.  It’s just… not lived up to its potential at ALL with Peter Capaldi.  I’d’ve liked to see it go to much darker places, to really use his acting chops more, and it’s just not got there for me.

Books: finished Starfarers by Vonda N McIntyre.  Definitely an enjoyable book, a neat combination of tense politics and fun space travel, plus interesting characters and relationships.  Really nothing to fault it on, and I’ll be picking up the rest of the series if I can.

Making: the Ada Lovelace Hackathon took place at OxHack today.  I wasn’t up to much making, but I facilitated where I could, helped out with finishing the 3d printed difference engine carry, and mostly constructed a paper automaton, and a balsa wood ornithopter, though I actually completed neither project.  A number of others did, though, which was gratifying.  Plus, we got out second hand Roland CNC mill up and running, which I’m really looking forward to trying out.  A good day overall.

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