Phil Barber

reading, writing, reviewing

Books and reading have always been among my passions. I regularly devour doorstopping novels, and my bookshelves groan under the weight of my favourite authors and series. My main tastes are in fantasy and science fiction, and graphic novels. But those are by no means the only genres that interest me; I read widely, from those genres to historical fiction, crime fiction, biographies and autobiographies, humour and satire, even the occasional chick-lit book when the only things available are on my wife's shelves. I also read a great deal of non-fiction.

In the past few years, I've begun to love not only reading books for enjoyment, but re-reading them, studying the craft of writing within them. Working out why I enjoy them, what attracts me to this character rather than that, this situation rather than the other. Writing professionally has ever been a dream of mine, which I continue to pursue, gradually, in my own time.

I also review books occasionally, when the drive strikes me. You can find my reviews on my blog.

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