Phil Barber

art, crafting, making, and creativity

I have turned my hand to a variety of making and creative pursuits over the years. Click on any of the images on this page to display full views of them. The images will be added in the coming weeks as I prepare them.

Woodworking and other crafting

I enjoy working with wood in my own time. I got into it as a hobby after watching a great deal of videos on youtube, starting with Matthias Wandel's and moving on from there. I've built a variety of small projects since then in my shed, mostly with hand tools and some handheld power tools. I've also got involved in other sorts of crafting more recently after joining the Oxford Hackspace, and have started to learn electronics and CNC techniques to supplement my skills. The images in this section are a selection of my favourites.

Digital artwork and graphic design

I've been interested in art, making, and creativity since my youth. My grandfather was a painter in his retirement and I spent many happy hours in his studio. It took a back seat during school, because I found that the lessons were less about learning the skills and knowledge required to be a good artist, and more about expressing creativity; doing specific kinds of art, most of which weren't of particular interest; or art history. In 2004 I took up digital artwork as a pastime, and since then have been involved in a variety of projects, from my position as Deputy Art Director for the Battle for Wesnoth, to graphic design work for the logo for the Oxford Hackspace and other clubs and societies. The images in this section are a few of my favourite piece of work.

Miniature painting and modelling

This is a hobby which I did a lot during my secondary school years but abandoned after it became sadly uncool. I picked it up again a few years ago to paint miniatures for use in RPGs, and have had some very pleasing results. The images in this section are ones I have personally painted, and in some cases done some conversion work to, but the miniatures themselves are by other artists and companies as noted.

The images on this page are my own photographs or artwork unless otherwise stated, and are © Philip Barber/thespaceinvader unless otherwise stated.
Last updated 6-Sept-2015.