11 October: This week in…

Books: I finished the biography of Alexander Graham Bell which I’ve been reading.  It was long, a bit of a measured pace, and deeply inspiring.  Bell is far from the one-trick pony history seems to make him out to be – the telephone was among the earliest and is certainly the best known of his inventions, but he pioneered thought and invention in so many other areas from flight to tetrahedral frame construction, from the precursors of fibre optic technology to among the earliest thought on climate change and non-renewable resources.  The biography was also very well-written, and a highly enjoyable read, and I’d probably pick up something else by that author again.

I also read my first Pratchett since his death; it really affected me, and I’m going to write a longer post on it at some point soon.

Board games: Played Roll for the Galaxy twice and Navegador once.  I continue to not quite GET Navegador; I just couldn’t get my head round the trading mechanics in it, so I did a race to the finish on exploration tokens.  I didn’t do BADLY, but I came 3rd of 3.  It’s a game I don’t mind, but I don’t think I’ve played it enough to grok it, and I don’t think I’m inclined to either.  Roll ftG I really like; it takes the fun tableau building elements of Race, and removes the awkwardness of handling and assessing massive hands of cards and shuffling massive decks.  I really enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to expansions.

I’m also pumped for two Stonemaier games which will be going through major developments soon – Between Two Cities should be delivered before the end of the month, and Scythe goes into kickstarter next week, and will be a day 1 back for me.

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