Lensbury Bridges Handicap Races

Bridges Race

The course starts and finishes on the Albert Embankment by Westminster Bridge in front of St Thomas' Hospital. The map below explains where to go. Roll over the photos to see bigger ones. Gordon is pointing the way at the tricky bits.

Bridges Route Map

01 Start and finish
01 Start and finish
02 Starting straight
02 Starting straight
03 Go under Lambeth Bridge
03 Take the underpass underneath Lambeth Bridge and keep straight on
04 Keep right on path by river
04 Keep to the right of the buildings and follow the pavement round
05 Follow riverside path
05 Keep to the riverside path
06 Sharp right here
06 Turn right here to keep to the riverside path
07 Up the stairs
07 Up the steps (not through the tunnel) then turn right onto Vauxhall Bridge
08 Right here
08 Turn right here not down the steps
09 Past Henry Moore
09 Past this rather nice Henry Moore bronze and all the sunbathers in the summer
10 Keep to pavement
10 Stick to the pavement as you run towards Lambeth Bridge
11 Right on Lambeth Bridge
11 Over Lambeth Bridge
12 Right down slope
12 Turn right down the slope - not down the steps
13 Right again and under bridge
13 At the bottom of the slope turn sharp right and under Lambeth Bridge
14 Finishing straight
14 Then you are on the home straight

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