Roll of Honour

Course record

Orlando Edwards' time of 11.55 in July 2007 beat Mark Critchlow's longstanding course record. Well done!

Can anyone offer evidence as to who is the fastest lady?  Rachael's Elliot's time of 14.02 in November 2007 is the best time by a woman since our present records began in September 2004. 

Most improved competitors (who won the coveted WJH Trophy)

March Allister Prow
February Paul Fitzwalter
January Peter Dry
December Stephen Adu
November Alan Davidson
October Peter Dry
September Nina Trevarthen
August James Dauncey
July Allister Prow
June Stuart Hathaway
May Sandra Farinha
April Alan Davidson
March Daniel Toms
February John Williamson
January James Marchant
December Colin Harris
November Laura Suggitt
October Gary Budinger
September Julia Gristwood
August Stephen Adu
July Allana Wilckens
June Samuel Jones
May Samuel Jones
April Allister Prow
March Charlotte Gore
February Allana Wilckens
January Alan Davidson
October Dan Maskell
September Diane Eaton
August Race cancelled
July Haren Thillainathan
June Michael Smith
May James Goodgame
April Merv Phillips
March Race cancelled
February Nina Williams
January David Kelly
December Darren Hyatt
November Jeremy West
October Dave Whyte
September Dave Whyte
August Andrew Hogg
July Scott Davey
June Dennis Williams
May Nick Bradbrook
April James Prestwich
March Dennis Williams
February Rod Newing
January Susannah Gill
December Simon Lewis
November Rod Newing
October Mike Dennis
September Taps Nyaundi
August Will Fung
July Barry Kopelman
June Francesca Carter
May Ajibola Bakare
April Michael Smith
March Peter Torre
February John Barry
January John Barry
December Paul Illingworth
November Danny Berry
October Tom Everitt
September Aaron Wright
August Merv Phillips
July Maurice Hemingway
June Yolande McLeod
May Terry Eakin
April Sandra Farinha
March Peter Torre
February Lee Mansfield
January Stuart Hathaway
December John Carter
November Don Mcllenan
October Neil Bull
September Craig Murray
August Peter Torry
July Dennis Williams
June Andrew Dodd
May Philip Jones
April Nina Williams
March John Carter
February Tony Payne
January Dennis Williams
December Simon Lewis
November Paul Fitzwater
October Jaco Bosman
September Mark Taylor
August Dennis Williams
July Richard Whiting
June Mark Kelly
May Finn Coyle
April Alan Cowan
March Val Metcalf
February Race cancelled
January Simon Hedger
December Graham Findley
November Mark Taylor
October Philip Jones
September Val Metcalf
August Richard Whiting
July Dennis Williams
June Paul Morgan
May Tom Jennings
April Tim Vanderpump
March Julia Gristwood
February Val Metcalf
January Rob Howells
December Ben Paz
November Paul Morgan
October Kevin Burnett
September Ashley Brutnall
August Guy Lawrenson
July Paul Morgan
June Dennis Williams
May Kevin Burnett
April Glynn Hewitt
March Alan Niblock
February Martin Brice
January Race cancelled
December Tom Everitt
November Dave Brock
October Barbara Burnett
September Les Thomas
August Julia Gristwood
July Mark Taylor
June Andres Gopaul
May Andy Nunney
April Rob Lands
March Andy Robinson
February Chris Brolly
January John Vallance
December Tegyd Howells
November Andy Robinson
October Jeremy Barber
September Ali Yousuf
August Haren Thillainathan
July Luke Norman
June Ali Yousuf
May Mark Palser
April Berni Smith
March John Hanscomb
February Dennis Williams
January Chris Brolly
December Jeff Stock
November Andy Leigh
October Michael Wilkes
September Vicki Carr
August John O'Shea
July Simon Lewis
June Phil Nash
May Jeremy Barber
April Andy Nunney
March Michelle Michael
February Dulcie Lawrence
January Melissa Payne
December Aisling O'Herlihy
November Tony Mahabir
October Julia Gristwood
September Kevin Burnett
August Andrew Hawkins
July Andy Nunney
June Melissa Payne