March 2020 Results

Hello, Runners!

Even later than usual, I bring the results and the inevitable message.

It'll be no surprise to hear that, due to the current situation, the Westminster Bridges Yacht Handicap Race will not be taking place until the restrictions are lifted. When that happens, I'll send out an e-mail as soon as I can.That means that, should the restrictions be lifted on, say, the second Monday of the month, then I'll try to get to the race on the Wednesday of that week. Currently, I'm working from home, I have the stopwatch with me, and it'll have to be safe to travel. Let's see what happens. I'll liaise with Jeremy too, so take a look at the web site just before the 'next' race date for any suggestions that we mightbe resuming.

I shouldn't encourage people to run in groups, so I shan't accept any timings achieved during the restrictions.

Back to business then. First, thank you to Colin Harris for stepping in and acting as one of the admins.

March's winner wasAllister Prow. Well done, Allister! You now get to hold onto the cup until the next race...keep it polished as you never know when it might be required.

Allister was not the first across the line, however. Due to my inability to spot Sajid Khurshid's last run in the list of historical runners, we allotted him a scratch handicap of 0:00. When he realised that he'd won, he was gracious enough to stand down as the winner and let the second runner home, Allister, win the trophy. Sajid's correct performance, based on his proper handicap, has been incorporated into the results. Thank you, Sajid.

One other bit of news is that Peter Torre's horse [Peter can always be found in the list of hysterical runners], well he owns a small part of it, has won a race at odds of 11 to 2! It ran again during March but...wasn't quite as successful. So, that's three races:second and first....and that last race with eight runners.

And now I'm obliged to say, "Take care! Stay safe! But keep on running!"

I'm still running but I'm not as fast as before the restrictions. Could having to carry these around with me have something to do with it?

<use your imagination and insert a graphic here; I can't see the one in Richard's email. Ed>

Did you see that the Mexican company that produces Corona beer has been obliged to stop making it due to the public's unwillingness to buy it? I want to start a rumour that there's a Lagervirus! Please pass it on.

All the best!


Name Club Status Number Handicap Run Time Actual Time Next Handicap
Allister Prow Blackfriars Irregulars M45 2949 Add 0.5 mins 18.36 19.06 2.00
Davina Hall F 3228 0.00 19.42 19.42 1.30
Gavin Balendran M 3226 2.00 19.55 17.55 3.15
Nina Trevarthen W50 2709 Add 1.0 mins 20.10 21.10 0.00
Hannah Jordan London Heathside F 3220 3.45 20.36 16.51 4.15
Mark Muffett Crystal Palace Fun Runners M61 3219 3.15 20.53 17.38 3.30
Lee Mansfield M 2900 4.15 21.05 16.50 4.15
Andy Howarth Stragglers AC M50 3133 3.30 21.09 17.39 3.30
James Nugent M50 3134 5.15 21.11 15.56 5.15
Peter Torre Vets AC M70 2882 Add 3.0 mins 21.24 24.24 Add 3.0 mins
Hugh Falkner M 3227 6.00 21.26 15.26 5.45
Duncan Rimmer Herne Hill Harriers M40 3100 5.00 21.29 16.29 4.45
Tom Everitt Eton Manor M80 6 Add 3.0 mins 21.33 24.33 Add 3.0 mins
Stuart Hathaway Blackfriars Irregulars M60 2504 1.00 21.43 20.43 0.30
Peter Dry Epsom Oddballs  M60 2891 2.00 21.54 19.54 1.30
Richard Patient Stragglers AC M45 3169 3.15 22.05 18.50 2.45
Alan Davidson Liss Runners M70 1352 Add 0.5 mins 22.19 22.49 Add 1.5 mins
Sajid Khurshid Harrow AC M35 2958 5.00 22.45 17.45 4.30
John O'Shea Highgate Harriers M56 2479 6.00 23.00 17.00 5.30

Marshals: Richard Whiting and Colin Harris
Winner of the WJH Trophy donated by John Hanscomb: Allister Prow

Next Race We'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when