July 2019 Results

Hello, Runners!

Another 'healthy' turnout! And another new runner: Zoe Varley, I believe she's the third of the 'Varley' clan to run in this calendar year. At F16 [see below], is she the youngest runner ever?  Who knows?

Twenty starters...but only eighteen finishers. Nothing serous, just two runners who decided they didn't want to 'risk it' and turned back just after the start.

John O'Shea turned up after the last 'starter' and decided to do a tempo run. I timed him and have added him to the results but we've agreed that his handicap shouldn't be affected for next time.

Peter Torré, just back from the USA, provided banter, horse-racing tips [...don't give up the day job, Peter], chocolate, and did the presentation ceremony.  Thank you, Peter.

You may have seen that Paul collected your age status and reproduced them every monthwhen you ran. Well, I bet they're out of date for most of us. How about letting me know a more accurate figure? I'm happy to go in five or ten year periods...or you can insist, as one runner has, that her true status be recorded. So, if you're a fifty-six year old male/female, you can provide M50/F50, M55/F55, or M56/F56.

I've just remembered that there was a third helper on that Wednesday, who handed out the tokens at the end. I'm ashamed to say that I can't remember who it was....was it Dan or James? Either way, I'm most grateful for the help.

The next race is on the 14th of August. I hope to see you 'on the day'.


Name Club Status Number Handicap Run Time Actual Time Next Handicap
Allister Prow Blackfriars Irregulars M45 2949 Add 0.5 mins 20.18 20.48 0.00
Stephen Adu M50 3109 2.30 20.35 18.05 3.00
Rebecca Watson Central Park Athletics W 3171 5.30 21.00 15.30 5.45
James Nugent M50 3134 5.45 21.01 15.16 5.45
Duncan Rimmer Herne Hill Harriers M40 3100 5.30 21.10 15.40 5.30
Karman Pardoe Purple Patch Runners W45 3064 5.15 21.20 16.05 5.00
Alan Davidson Liss Runners M70 1352 Add 0.5 mins 21.25 21.55 Add 0.5 mins
Peter Dry Epsom Oddballs  M60 2891 2.00 21.31 19.31 1.30
Julia Gristwood ES Middx W55 2221 0.30 21.37 21.07 0.00
James Hopkin M35 3113 4.45 21.44 16.59 4.15
Laleh Mohabbat F40 3205 0.30 21.52 21.22 Add 0.5 mins
Nick Varley Dartford Harriers M45 3105 7.00 21.55 14.55 6.30
Sandra Farinha Blackfriars Irregulars W 2842 Add 1.0 mins 21.58 22.58 Add 1.5 mins
Alan Mundy M50 2617 3.45 22.07 18.22 3.15
Peter Torre Vets AC M70 2882 Add 3.0 mins 22.09 25.09 Add 3.0 mins
Zoe Varley Dartford Harriers F16 3206 2.00 22.18 20.18 1.30
John O'Shea Highgate Harriers M56 2479 5.15 23.06 17.51 5.15
David Hall Dartford Harriers M50 2966 7.00 23.27 16.27 6.30

Marshals: Richard Whiting and Frank Bundock/Colin Harris
Winner of the WJH Trophy donated by John Hanscomb: Allister Prow

Next Race Weds 14 August 2019