Information for marshals

Paul always welcomes help with marshalling and time-keeping. If you are injured and not able to run please also contact him and volunteer to be a marshal so someone else who is fit can run.  Thanks.

What to do

On the signing-in sheet , tick the runners who are running and make sure they know their handicap.

Give a number to any new runners who turn up without notice and enter them on the results sheet.   Ideally, get their running club, vet status and email address.   The next new number is shown on the top of the signing-in sheetGive them a handicap of 3 minutes and enter them in the space provided on the signing-in sheet.

When you are ready (before 12.30 if possible), send off the first of the “add … min” runners, noting the time on your own watch.   After the appropriate time start the stopwatch (as near to 12.30 as possible).   For instance, you send off a runner with “add 1.0 min” at 12.29; then one with “add 0.5 min” 30 seconds later; then start the stopwatch at 12.30.

The instructions for using the stopwatch are attached to it.   Once it's started, don't touch a button until the first runner finishes.

Collect the discs from the runners and enter their numbers against their finishing positions on the results sheet .  

Number template

And for those who were asking about the template to make a posh number, here it is (Word document). You will need to laminate it for best results. Traditionally it is on gold paper but white is fine.